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"Most talked about book in Corporate America"

We at have personally witnessed incredible turn-arounds by veterans and job applicants thanks to the book Interview Like A Boss. We cannot too strongly recommend this powerful guide and believe that every military veteran—every job hunter—should do whatever it takes to get a copy in their hands.


To truly grasp its magic, you have to personally witness a group of veterans pick up a copy and move through the pages. Their reaction never ceases until finally placing Interview Like A Boss on the table with as big a grin as we have ever seen on their face.


It’s an incredible thing to see and ones we always remember.


Interview Like A Boss has made us true believers that one book can change everything, and this is seriously great news for job hunters as a whole. Interview Like A Boss has the most stellar reviews we’ve personally ever seen and is immensely popular at colleges, adult education and trade-schools across the country. And it is our go-to book for job hopefuls for good reason—the lessons are so effective that it proves that anyone can truly be successful, no matter how overwhelming the challenges might seem at the moment.


We feel fortunate to be able to bring Interview Like A Boss to your attention.

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